About us

Our Story

We Focus on building a Strong, Intuitive, and Dynamic Online presence for businesses and individuals.

We Utilize data-led technology and conversion to build a digital marketing presence for businesses and personal online audiences.

Our Approach​

We know what the user wants in the center of every business. ​

We learn about you and your Business

In getting to know your business, we try to know What goods and services you provide? Who are you providing them to?
Learn more about your intended audience in addition to deciding what you would like to accomplish with your project.

Plan ahead

Once we have a thorough grasp of your business, your goals, and your objectives. We will develop a special and customized strategy by investigating your brand, your competition, the industry, and your target demographic including your budgets and the cost of the intended project.

Creating & Refining the Idea

As soon as the Project and the Objectives have been established, we will gather the best team for the job amongst our brightest talents which include Digital marketers, Web Developers, Prints & Graphic designers to ensure that our creative ideas reflect your brand and its objectives.


As soon as you approve the designs and proposals, we will accelerate development. After which we will communicate with you to ensure that everything is correct before deploying the product across all approved channels.

Launching Your Project

Prior to launching your project, we will support the launch by organizing an event, a PR promotion, a marketing plan, digital advertising, or a social media campaign. Moreover, we provide continuing assistance.

Evaluating, Analyzing & Measuring.

We will assess the project or campaign when it’s over to make sure all objectives were met. And if it is an ongoing project, we will examine the statistics to improve the project and provide weekly or monthly updates on its performance. We will be continuously searching for ways to improve your project. We can also talk about your next ideas or Projects.

Strong Team

We are a team of business gurus and digital marketing specialists who genuinely care about one another, our clients, and outcomes.

Cypriano AKinwunmi


Bill Velkin


Dan Manik

Chief Creative Officer

Jack Patick

Creative Director

Isa Bekli

Creative Director

Serge Horovits

General Manager | Head of Accounts

Nickol Moma

Vice President of New Business​

Jesica Babik

Vice President of Strategy

Bob Slimm

Creative Director

How We Can Help You

You require an efficient digital marketing strategy if you want to expand more quickly and intelligently.

We won the Best Agency Award for our Strategy.

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Design & Development

  • Web Design & Development
  • Brand Strategy
  • Apps Design & Development
  • Prints & Graphics Designs
  • Image Background Removal
  • Birthday Videos
  • WordPress
  • Platforms
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Web User Testing
  • UI Animations


  • Digital Marketing
  • Print Advertising
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Explainer & Animated Video Production
  • Lead Generation
  • Facebook Adverts
  • Instagram Adverts
  • Twitter Adverts

Selected Works

Below you will find a compilation of some of our selected works

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